A ‘diet’ name to hang my hat on

This post is actually from March of this year.  But I find it very timely for me….and for any new readers, it will give you a good insight into me and low carb dieting plans….and where I am right now.  Hope you enjoy!

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Hi everyone!

Living in a parallel universe….NOT eating grains and sugars when everyone around you does all the time…can (at times) seem like the hardest part of it…the living in the parallel universe part.  Everyone expects us to join in.  Everyone has seen us fail numerous times at other diets, and suspects that eventually we will at this one too.  But even those that are curious and interested…when they ask us how we’ve achieved our level of success (that those of us who have gone grain and sugar-free have achieved), want to know HOW we did it.  And that discussion, at least for me, is always a little more convoluted because there is no one socially recognized diet name like ‘Atkins’ or “Weight Watchers.”  Sure, I can say ‘primal’ or ‘paleo’, or even ‘low carb’, but that always requires an answer to “what’s that?”  Sure, I give the answers.  I just wish it was easier.

Beyond that, I also wish there was a clearer distinction for those of us that are somewhere in between primal and paleo…who feel ‘low carb’ isn’t sufficient…I guess I just want a name or term that I can now hang my hat on.  So this post, I’m going to discuss just THAT.

Let’s first look at the definitions of all of the above diet group/concepts that go along with giving up grains and sugars.

Paleo:  Per Wiki,

The paleolithic diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed diet of Paleolithic humans. It is based on the premise that human genetics have scarcely changed since the dawn of agriculture, which marked the end of the Paleolithic era, around 15,000 years ago, and that modern humans are adapted to the diet of the Paleolithic period.

The Paleolithic diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumesdairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. Certain portions should be established for balance of nutrients to maintain homeostasis.[1][2]

Proponents argue that modern human populations subsisting on traditional diets, allegedly similar to those of Paleolithic hunter-gatherers, are largely free of diseases of affluence[3][4] and that Paleolithic diets in humans have shown improved health outcomes relative to other widely-recommended diets.


Primal is basically paleo, except dairy is allowed, if one isn’t allergic, sensitive, or intolerant to it.  It also includes a whole lifestyle that incorporates advice on sleep, types of exercise, mental outlook, etc.

Low Carb:

Low carb is basically eat less carbs.  Grains, starchy veggies, less fruit even.  Not necessarily giving up entirely, any of those, though.  Just less.  Usually 60-100 carbs or less a day is the goal.

No Sugar-No Grain (#NSNG):

“In its simplest form #NSNG is just that.  You eliminate all processed sugars and all grains from your diet.  In other words, you eat real food.”  And quinoa is a no; it’s a grain.  Re fruits, they suggest you keep your glycemic index to 50 or less.  (you can google glycemic index to see where various fruits and veggies rate.)

Like paleo and primal, they recommend grass-fed meats, not corn fed.


Upon research right now for this post, I discover there are several different versions, some even including whole grains…so for my purposes.  Not going there.  Eliminated this diet(s.)

Insulin Resistance Diet:

Well, upon researching it now, it’s similar to the non-inflammatory….healthy eating, small amount of whole grains allowed.  So yeah, no, not going there.


Knowing all that I know, at this point in time, I’m coming up with my OWN diet plan name.  NGNS-5.

No Grains, No Sugar with 5% wiggle room.  That’s what it stands for.  :)

I’d do NSNG-5, but I’m a dyslexic OCD person.  Since G is my first name and S my last, I’m reversing the order to make it easier to remember.  ;)

So, officially now when I am asked, I’ll say I’m NGNS-5, and easily explain that in one sentence.  If they want more info, they can ask.  It doesn’t attach itself to any ‘caveman’ principle that becomes ripe for being ripped or ridiculed by others.  I own up front my ‘evil’ that I succumb about 5% of the time (with the onion rings, the BBQ sauce, the processed salad dressing, the occasional mini foray into milk chocolate.)  I’m human.  :)

I’m still morphing in a forward direction as I increase my time in maintenance.  I’m still tweaking my template…fine tuning it into a better version for me…all the time.  We are EACH very unique individuals…what might work well for me might not work well for you, and visa versa.  Or might not be necessary.  But I still firmly believe that there isn’t a human body alive that wouldn’t benefit from giving up grains, and sugars…as much as they can.  It’s what I truly believe in.  I’ve read too much research, seen too many real life examples, to believe otherwise.  I’ll continue peddling that concept here at this blog…take it or leave it.  ;)

Have a great day!

Love ya!

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  1. says

    Re your remarks on inflammation – the best book I have found dealing with inflammation is “The paleo approach: reverse autoimmune disease and heal your body”, by Sarah Ballantyne. It’s a fabulous book for people who need one on this subject and I guarantee you there isn’t any grain in her approach. The first section is heavy on biochemistry but the rest is easier reading. I would guess that any serious anti-inflammation diet will be too restrictive for you.

    • says

      Yeah, it probably would, unless it was medically necessary. Like giving up virtually all alcohol has become, since I have a propensity now for uric acid kidney stones. A couple of one-flute champagne Sunday breakfasts is all I allow myself. Sometimes not even 1 a month.

      Thanks for the info!
      Gwen recently posted…A ‘diet’ name to hang my hat onMy Profile

  2. says


    You know I think you brought up some really good points in today’s post and yesterdays about just society and our eating plans. I honestly just don’t want to have to explain myself at all. Of course, I chose to explain myself on my blog. But what I am saying is that I wish we could just all get to the point that we just focused on what was best for our own bodies, and when someone truly asked in an interested way, that we could take the time to explain to them what has worked for us. I am still trying to figure out what is best for my body, but I am closer than I was a year ago. Anyway, I’m rambling a bit, but these are the thoughts that came to my mind :)


    • says

      Leslie, that isn’t rambling at all!

      (and thanks!)

      As I look back on it, the main questions I got/get were more because people wanted me to partake in junk food with them! So it wasn’t so much about why I was eating what I was eating (until I had lost a very noticeable amount)…it was ‘why won’t you eat this with me like you always have?’ It’s more about them, and wanting company / diet-breaking buddies, than about ME. I morphed from being a Johnny Appleseed to saying ‘it’s just not healthy for me; I try not to eat that anymore.’ They don’t usually persist much after that. A couple of more well placed, increasingly firmer ‘no, thanks!’ and they bug off. LOL

      You are doing great! It’s a journey, and I can tell you are getting into a really good place on it! :)
      Gwen recently posted…A ‘diet’ name to hang my hat onMy Profile

  3. Janknitz says

    I have a new doctor I haven’t met yet, and I’m trying to sum up how I eat when we address the inevitable (despite a 70 lb loss I’m still obese, total and LDL cholesterol are a bit high, and I have insulin resistant PCOS). Paleo, Primal, and low carb are lead balloons in the Kaiser Health system. They want to send me to the dietitian who will tell me to eat 6 to 8 servings of carbs a day, low fat, avoid all saturated fat and use margarine instead. I just can’t sit there politely and listen to that BS at this point in my life.

    So I’ve decided that I will describe my diet as a “low glycemic whole foods diet”. It’s absolutely true, it doesn’t say much except that I watch my sugars and refined carbs and don’t eat manufactured crap. How could he argue with that???? If the conversation gets around to fats, I’ll be sure and tell him I eat “healthy fats”–the fact that our opinions may differ as to what healthy fats are is not of consequence.

    I’ll let you know. ;o)

    • says

      That’s a tough one. If I were you/me, I’d print out some great articles from online about the newest work/study/results on cholesterol, statins, Wheat Belly, and take them with you.

      Last visit at my regular doctor (not Kaiser, thankfully) she was pushing the statins again, and I flat out not only refused, but handed her a bunch of docs articles explaining why. She said she’d review. yeah, whatever. They get PAID to push statins and other drugs.

      Good luck! No matter what, you control YOU. Sorry for any hoops they make you jump in the process!

      (if you need any of those articles, look bottom right here under ‘archives’ for cholesterol, statins, Wheat Belly, etc…for my articles or for links in my articles. :))
      Gwen recently posted…A ‘diet’ name to hang my hat onMy Profile

  4. Where did my feet go? says

    Awesome and timely post for me . I’m down 40ish pounds and just getting to the point that people are asking what I’m doing. I’m happy with my progress, I’m not measuring or counting, I’m not hungry. I’m not loosing a pound a day, and I’m good with that … for the first time I feel that I’m on a healthy journey. But because I can’t name it “XYZ Diet” it seems to create a need in my friends and co-workers to fix it and show me what I’m doing wrong. I think I will just send them to your link!

  5. says

    I always did like your NGNS-5! I’ve looked at a few anti-inflammatory protocols, especially with this tendinitis, and came away feeling like I was already following most of the recommendations. I did find a couple, though, that recommended small amounts of grains and came away from those thinking they didn’t know what they were talking about. :)
    Siobhan recently posted…A day off …My Profile

  6. says

    I’m on the DIP…

    When folks want to argue with me about the way I eat – and it would extend to my doctor if she were crazy – I would just say, “okay”. I basically don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks of the way I’m eating, which means it’s not worth my time to argue with anyone or to defend it. So it’s always “okay”. I’m more than happy to give information and answer questions, but when the wisdom, efficacy, or healthfulness is questioned, I’m done.

    • says

      Well, I’m just more of an activist about this. I won’t bring it up much anymore, but I won’t be boxed into a corner and just walk away silently, either. LOL

      If I don’t stand up for what I believe in, or correct inaccurate or outdated information, I’m not helping the problem. At least, that’s the way I see it. But we each have to handle it out it feels right for ourselves. :)
      Gwen recently posted…A ‘diet’ name to hang my hat onMy Profile

  7. says

    Boy, this can be such a minefield, can’t it? This is a very helpful post as it can be so confusion with all the different approaches out there. I am with Leslie, everyone is different and has to find his/her own way. If I were to chose a category it would be LCNS-5 for me: low carb no sugar with a 5% margin for ‘error’. I love that you have that 5% wiggle room!

    And I see with delight that the CommentLuv plugin is working again and you now have a notification option, too! It seems to work great. I will also reply to your email regarding the latter :)

    Kerstin recently posted…healthy living book hop officially launched!My Profile

    • says

      Kerstin, so by LCNS-5, you mean you aren’t giving up grains? Just for clarification? What grains do you still eat, and why? Just curious.

      I’m glad the email thing is working, because it doesn’t appear to be on my end. LOL

      Is it easy to see, or buried under the comments luv thing, where most people won’t even notice it? Should I do a blip in a post explaining it, but since I can’t even see it right myself, how would I do that? erk. LOL
      Gwen recently posted…A ‘diet’ name to hang my hat onMy Profile