Back to Square One

So, Gwen, you think you know exactly how your kitchen is gonna look.


Oh, the hunt for a new counter top escapades of yesterday!!!  Let’s just say Mr. Gwen is a Super Human.  To put up with this OCD Virgo going to place after place, walk row after row, and then, at the final places, watch me walk back and forth, several hundred feet apart, between 2 different slabs to pick the ‘perfect’ one….and never complain at all:  HE IS MY HERO.  LOL  At one point, I said “honey, you don’t have to keep walking back and forth between the two with me.  Just stay here if you want.”  LOL

So, I thought it was gonna be all whitey white, super clean looking, to minimize how small the room is.  WRONG to the all whitey white.  But let me back up a little.

At the first place, we found a GORGEOUS quartzite.  So luminous, truly, that they said many people UNDER light it.  Stunning.  Absolutely stunning.  It also was $90/sf.  Even needing barely 70 sf, SHIIIIIIT.  No way.  Not for a townhome.  Nope.

We went to the 2nd place.  Nothing.  Saw a couple I had liked online, but they looked too washed out, almost dingy, in person.

Went to the 3rd place.  Same thing.

Only one place left, and we were 2 hours into this, close to 3, and I literally prayed ‘please let me find the perfect slab.’  I know, a VERY shallow thing to pray about.  I’m guilty as charged.

Literally walking in…we saw 2 of my favorite online quartzites.  Both looked dingy white.  I realized at that moment, that I didn’t want that look.  If it couldn’t look crisp white, yuck!

We found a pattern that was EXTREMELY close to that first quartz I posted here, that I had hung on to for a LONG time as non-negotiable, but had given up on because of the inability to find it at a reasonable cost.  This was a granite version.  And I realized in a full slab of 10 x 6 or so….it was too dark and busy.  Put THAT thought to bed, permanently.

It was becoming clear that quartzite wasn’t going to be the answer.  I didn’t like the inconsistent veining through them.  I had to open my mind back up to granite.  I just ‘knew’ I didn’t want super busy, or super dark.

This place had probably a couple hundred slabs, not even counting the marble or onyx or soapstone I had no interest in.  We just walked up and down, aisle after aisle.  We found some we liked, but the slabs weren’t long enough.  On and on.  Then he found one he really liked, but it was a little busy for me.  And  I found one I liked, but he wasn’t convinced on the colors because it was SO opposite of what we had thought we wanted.  We went back and forth, had them pull out the ones that were the right size on ‘my’ pattern, walked back and forth, seriously almost the length of a football pool between the two…discussed, and I finally won him over to my way.  Or he just capitulated, which is probably what happened.  LOL

It’s a gorgeous mix of warm, feel-good browns and taupes.  It has some sparkley tiny chunks here and there, but not a lot.  It just felt HOME-y to me, felt RIGHT.  Nothing at all like I was looking for, but so right.  And the 2 slabs we picked in the pattern, look like works of art to me.  I wish I had bigger counter tops so I could show it off more.  It will still be gorgeous (to me.)

The thing is, the porcelain floor tile we thought we had settled on…looked crappy with it.  The sea foam glass back splash…yeah no.  So back to square one.

The bright side, the price per sf to our contractor?  Under $14/sf!!!  The measurements of the slab is extremely close (on all we saw), so rather than hassle ‘will we have enough’…we are getting 2 slabs, and might use the extras for a bath vanity top, and or to make trivets, etc.  SO CHEAP.

Afterwards, we went to AZ Tile, and didn’t like anything we saw, and same at Home Depot.  But I remembered a few weeks ago when I went out looking on my own, at a small flooring store I found a GORGEOUS porcelain tile.  It didn’t fit ‘the look’ I was going for at the time, but I still had photos on my phone of it.  I went back online, found it, and, at least online, it looks like a PERFECT match.  And the crappy big box store that jack ass contractor sent me to, that I didn’t like anything at a couple of weeks ago?  Has a back splash that looks like a perfect match too.  Life can be crazy that way.  So we are headed to the flooring place this morning to look at ALL of their flooring.  Taking my laminate sample, but they have laminate too, and even though we are buying 2 slabs of granite, we are saving over $2K, so we decided we might upgrade on the laminate or the tile.  Anyhow, we’ll get samples in a range of shades of beige/taupe.  Tomorrow, I’m going to work only half day so I can go to the big store and do the same with back splash possibilities, and THEN I will take all back to the slab yard and match to our granite.  Because unfortunately, they had no samples available of it.  Photos I took made it’s cocoa browns look more almost mauvish…so photos are not a good representation.  If I can’t take the granite around with me in a sample size, I will take the flooring and back splash samples to IT.  Too important to match it all up.

It was emotionally draining.  Hubby was surprised that I still got in 45 minutes of dancing last night after, by his words ‘all that walking we did.’  We left the house at 8 am (extremely early for us on a Saturday), hit 6 stores, and didn’t get home until after 3:30 pm.  Crazy!

Wish me luck on the flooring today.

After that, we will go to my mom’s to do what is becoming our weekly Sunday chores for her, and to visit.  She’s still not 100%, but getting a tiny bit better every day.  Thank God.

Eating was great yesterday, and stayed the same, so that’s cool too.

Oh, crap!  Pictures!  Dur.  Here is the slab we got; it will look amazing with all white cabinets:

san luz granite

Here is the back splash that looks like a match:


and the flooring that looks like a match, and can clearly go on the fireplace as well:

am olean scene horizon


So there you have it!

Wish us well!

Hope all of you are doing great and having a good weekend.  Love ya!


Yeah, well, no…

WellThatDidntWorkOutAsExpected-19040Well, that didn’t last long.  LOL

I ate my normal M-Sa. breakfast.  For lunch, we went to The Habit.  I had the Santa Barbara burger, minus the bun, lettuce, tomato, pickles…it was 2 patties, with melted cheese, and plenty of mashed avocado on it.  It was delicious!

By 2 pm, I was hungry.  I am NEVER hungry.  I drank more water, and some iced tea.

Normally, I would IF through Friday dinner, due to the restaurant lunch.  But because calories were light, and I was so hungry, I ate.  Meat, some nuts.

I was hungry again by 10 pm.

I call bullshit on this.  LOL

I am never hungry, as I said, on a primal diet or ‘primarian’ diet.  I am NOT going to stay on this and be hungry.  (and I’m talking stomach hungry, not emotionally hungry.)   Staying physically hungry just isn’t a place I want to be…physically OR emotionally.  I don’t NEED to.

In my head, what I did for one day wasn’t significantly that big of a deal.  So I missed a few cups worth of fresh produce?  That was the only difference.   But it clearly made a big difference to my body, in its concept of having enough to eat.  It told me, loud and clear, that I had not.  I accept that.  It was worth a try.  ;)

So, back to primarian eating.

On the plus side, my weight is: 132.4.  Meaning I dropped 1.4 from yesterday.  That’s fantastic.  Even still, I’m stopping the experiment, and going back to my normal eating and wonderful veggies.  I would rather not be hungry, thankyewverrymuch.  It might be a viable option for some, but not me.

Today, we are off REALLY early to look at counter top slabs, despite some crappy weather by our standards.   I pray the rain holds off until we are done, or at least stays light.  I mean, we almost never get rain.  The one time we have to do something outside, it would be nice if the weather cooperates.  :) (yes, I know we are in a severe drought situation and I’m being selfish.  Mea culpa.  It can pour for 40 days and 40 nights after about 2-3 pm today.  LOL)

Wish us luck on finding an amazing pattern!  I already know some of the ones  I want us to see in person.  I’m very excited.  I also heard from our contractor yesterday morning; he’s back among the living.  We will sign a contract early next week some time, and he thinks within 3 weeks it will be time to GO.  :)

I want to thank everyone for the lively discussion yesterday, and even more, for your concern.  No worries…I was never planning to turn to that dietary change full time.  I just wanted to give it a short go.  Who knew it would be THAT short of a go.  LOL  It was all good, and I appreciate the concern, and some of your points and issues that you worried about were very valid concerns.  I like that you’ve got my back!  I hope you know that I have yours, too.  You guys are awesome!

Friday Scale Accountability Club & an experiment

Scale-AccountabilityHi everyone!

Well, hubby made carnitas last night.  I knew better, but I had some of the pork.

I’m up .8 to 133.8.

I was already unhappy with the scale floundering around 133 this past week.

Now I’m ticked off.  At myself.  I know what the sodium from pork does to me.

Oh well…no more of it.  Of course, I fast through Friday dinner, so no worries.

And/but….I came across a Zero Carb blogger yesterday.  I did a little research.  Interesting!  I don’t know/am not convinced about the long term nutritional safety of it, but I’m going to try something.  It may last a day, or two.  I’m ONLY going to try it for a maximum of 7 days.

I’m going to eat proteins and fat only…as an experiment. (I’m not upping my nuts though.  I may even try no nuts, or switch from the cashews to walnuts.  What I plan to focus on is more meats, more eggs, and a small increase in cheese.  Very, very small.  Going from 1 oz. a day, to maybe 2 oz.)

I always feel better when I eat a meal that way.  I’m not sure why.

Again, don’t worry.  This isn’t a long term plan.  It’s a very short term, experimental plan to see if I can slap my few extra pounds off my body, and to test my overt physical reactions to nothing but protein foods and some fat.  I’m sure I’ll lose a couple of pounds.  I want to see how I FEEL.  If it goes well, I might start incorporating it once a month for a week.  We’ll see.

I’m sure I’ll get a barrage of ‘are you out of your ever loving mind?’ comments.  It’s okay.  LOL

Not much going on in our world.  Still waiting for our contractor to get over the flu.  It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but we have to try and get to the stone yard vendors to look at slabs.  Otherwise, we can’t go again until the following Saturday.  Not the end of the world, but would probably push us back yet another week.  Ugh.  Other than that, nada.  How about you?

Have a great weekend, and tell me how you are doing, what your challenges are this coming week, and how you plan to tweak the coming week, if you do.  Love ya!

Oh, and I found this, and HAD to add…  LOL….



my observations on deprivation in maintenance


Hi everyone!

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Anyhow, to my topic at hand.

What I’ve learned, 26 months into healthy eating that is severely grain-limited, sugar limited, processed foods limited.  You know, what Dr. Berkeley calls ‘primarian eating.’

Both other times that I lost over 60 lbs., on a low carb diet, (Atkins the first time, South Beach the second time)….I failed at maintenance.  Within the first 6 months, the re-gain would start.  Clearly, losing weight going low carb wasn’t enough.  Six months of solid effort learning to eat low carb, and why, wasn’t enough.  (so that ‘good habits take 21 days to develop‘, when it comes to overeating philosophy, I officially call ‘Bull Shit!” on.)  Every time, something (usually relatively mundane in the stress 1-10 scale, say maybe a 5-6) would go ‘wrong’, and I’d start to return to eating sugars, more carbs, junk food again.  To self-soothe.  I told myself after all that weight loss, that I could handle moderation.  That I had learned the evils of carbs and would never go all the way back.  And/but ALSO that I couldn’t spend the rest of my life never having pizza, donuts, cookies, fudge, chips in any form, warm buttered bread or rolls…again.  That THAT was NOT the kind of life I felt was worth living.  I call it the deprivation mentality.

Why I could go 6-12 months, low carb, losing all the excess weight, and not maintain that lifestyle?  Because the world brow beats us with the concept that moderation is the key.  That EVERYONE can moderate their diet/food choices/sugar/junk food.


Sure, millions can.  Millions do.

Can I?

Not like those millions.

If I eat chocolate….watch out.  Down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole I go, slippery slope time.  every.single.time.  At best, it takes me three days of willful denying of cravings to break out of it again.  At worst, I start nibbling on a few potato chips here, a french fry there, etc.  It doesn’t even have to be more chocolate.  That little bit of chocolate sets my trigger off, and I start unhealthy-food foraging.  It can be SO insidious!  But for 26 months now…IT happens.  Every single time.

Some people can get away with moderating, emotionally.  I can for non-trigger foods, but not for my trigger foods.  I’ve learned what foods those are.  Thankfully, the list is short.  (well, if you count chocolate as a single item, not the hundreds of items with chocolate it could be considered.  LOL)

So deprivation of favorite sugary items is one thing I had to come to terms with this time.  And I have.  How?  Why?

I think that’s the 2nd side of deprivation mentality.  Coming to not only understanding, but accepting, a couple of things:

1.  sugar and grains and junk food are inherently unhealthy for human bodies.  Some people, at some stages, don’t show overt signs of that.  That doesn’t mean their body is running at optimal good health below the surface.

2.  a life of healthy, natural foods is DELICIOUS.  There is no deprivation when you are eating good proteins and healthy real fats.  Add some seasonings, good veggies you personally enjoy, and life is wonderful and delicious!!

These two concepts are new to me.  “New”, meaning I did not have them during my two significant weight losses, or shortly thereafter when the wheels would come off.  Remember, back then, it wasn’t just ‘low carb’.  It was low fat too.  Meaning as little meat as possible, no chicken skin, as little salad dressings, dairy, etc.

Guess what.  For Gwen, that didn’t leave enough food for me to personally ENJOY eating.

Ends up the root of my weight loss maintenance failure was trying to live the rest of my life low fat as well as low carb.



I LOVE DAIRY.  (thank goodness I’m not lactose sensitive.)

Give me those items, let me season my meats, and I am happy as a clam!  I have no sense of deprivation, 95% of my days, hours, minutes.

Sure, once in a blue moon I have some less than stellar food.  Occasionally it leads to a stomach ache.

But I know my limits, and I know that I cannot consume my trigger foods anymore.

And you know what?  It’s not just okay, it’s GREAT.

They no longer have physical or emotional power over me.  I am a control freak, and it’s great to be in control of my food brain, too.  No way in hell I’m sacrificing that!

Of course, we are all different.  My trigger foods aren’t yours, and visa versa.  My personal food sensitivities (mushrooms, fresh garlic, cucumber) aren’t yours.  But we all have human bodies.  And I passionately believe that sugars, grains, and processed foods do all of our bodies damage.  How that damage manifests, and when, is different for every single one of us.  But that doesn’t mean that damage isn’t happening, or won’t.

You get to believe that, or not.

I have all the proof I need, and more proof comes out every week to solidify it.  The news is full of it.  I love it!

p.s.  I shouldn’t have to say this, but this is my blog.  I will write what I want.  You can write whatever comment you want, and (since it’s my blog), maybe it will get posted, maybe it won’t.  MY CALL.  If I don’t post your comment, it’s because you have proven to me that you are a person who ONLY comments here to bash me or my beliefs.  I don’t mind constructive criticism from regular commenters.  I don’t mind agreeing to disagree with the same.  I don’t like trolls that only show up to give grief.  Whether to me, my other readers who are trying hard to get healthy, or to a nutritional belief system that I support that is based on eating healthy, real foods.  Again, I shouldn’t have to say this.  But I just did.  Because it’s MY blog.  Trolls are marked as ‘spam’ immediately, and aren’t ever read again, so really, don’t waste your time here.  You get to irritate me just once.  I’m not a masochist.   :)

Favorite standard breakfast


It ain’t Cocoa Puffs.

Nor pancakes (of any kind), toasted bagels and cream cheese (yes, they were in the office available yesterday)….not muffins, not donuts, not a simple cup of coffee.

Five days a week, it’s:

  • 1 oz. cashews
  • 1 oz. of block mild cheddar cheese
  • 1 hard boiled egg with a tiny bit of pink Himalayan salt on it

That’s it.  Barely 350 calories (for those counting), but chock FULL of good protein and fat.

I’m never hungry before 11:30 am, and I eat the above at about 7:30.  Those three little items provide THAT much satiety to me.

Unlike anything with grains or sugar in it, which would set off the appetite stimulants.

That’s the beauty of a high protein/fat breakfast.  It gets your motor running, but doesn’t set you up for a WANT WANT WANT kind of day.  Your blood sugar/glucose stays on a nice, even keel.

Saturdays, it’s 2 scrambled eggs with Penzey spices and about 1/4 cup of grated cheese.

ETA:  with some chopped veggies when possible.  (not always, with no kitchen.)

Sundays, it’s the eggs, a hamburger patty, and hash…although we’ve been forgoing the hash without a kitchen.  (he has a couple of slices of toast to ‘make up for it.’  Me, hell no.  :)  )

That’s it.  I don’t eat fruit…hardly at all, but never at breakfast.  I’m so over yoghurt, after decades of Low Fat Yoplait dieting.  I’m not a ‘creamy’ fan.  I’m a salt and crunchy fan.  (in general.  Not just at breakfast.)

Cashews, cheese, egg…easy to pack up and go (as long as I reach my destination or eating spot within the half hour or hour at the most.)  No muss (well, just the egg shell that I crack into a paper towel), no fuss.

That’s how Gwen starts her day, gets her motor running, and spins through each morning with nary a thought of other food.  Keeps me feeling light, and in charge.  A GREAT start to the day!

What are your top breakfast choices?  Are you happy with them?  How is your appetite the rest of the morning?

p.s.  that photo above couldn’t be any more apropos.  Good bye, Ron Swanson!  Favorite TV character of ALL TIME.  :(

Victim…or using your power?


Hi everyone!

Well, THAT pretty much sums up everything that is going to follow here today, below.  :)

Why do so many of us ‘play the victim’ card all the time?  It certainly seems more prevalent among the obese.

Fact:  shit happens to all of us.

Fact:  none of our parents were perfect.  Or our spouses.  Or us.

Fact:  some of the most successful people in the world came from HORRIBLE backgrounds.

Fact:  playing up the victim card keeps you mired in shit.  Endlessly.

Fact:  most sane adults do not like those who play the victim card all the time.  Sure, crap happens, we are all beat down once in a while.  But those that wallow in pity parties all the time?  Not attractive, inside or out.  It’s wearing.  It’s draining.  Debbie Downers are not popular chicks.

Look, been there, done that, to a certain degree, at various times in my life.  And when it comes to obesity, we GET there in large part because we don’t have the gumption to NOT be there.  Sure, certain foods (grains, sugars) chemically alter our brains, known fact, and cause appetite stimulation AND food cravings.  But not everyone becomes obese, or morbidly obese over it.  So to a certain degree, there has to be some culpability.  No one ever KEPT off a ton of weight by continuing to play the victim card!!  FACT.   Not only do/did they ‘clean up’ their nutritional act, but they PERSISTED in it, despite life’s daily stresses.

Anytime in the past 2 years when I have faltered under stressful situations and allowed some sugar back in….it wasn’t until I figuratively slapped myself upside the head, got MAD at myself, and said, to myself “GWEN, KNOCK THIS SHIT OFF RIGHT NOW AND GET BACK TO GOOD CLEAN EATING”….could I right my minor foray off the good path.  But as soon as I did that, said that to myself, I instantly DID start to get my shit back together!


We all have our emotional reasons for eating sugar.  Junk food.  Drinking perhaps a little too much.  Eating more carbs or grains than we know we probably should.

But you have to learn to pull yourself up by the boot straps, bonk yourself figuratively on the head, GROW UP, and start acting maturely in a manner that we know supports good health and normal weight!  Until we can STOP our bad habits and start doing that consistently, you will not succeed at weight loss or at weight loss maintenance.  It really can be THAT simple, in my opinion!

I am so sick of seeing people whine about shit, whine about “I can’t give up x, y, or z!” like a two year old having a damned temper tantrum.



Maybe you can’t be the President of the United States, win an Oscar, discover the cure to cancer, visit the moon.


There.  I said it.

It’s TRUE.

Living in a little non-stop pity party, always whining about how you could NEVER EVER give up your beloved sweet treat/junk food favorites, whining about how you HATE to sweat, or can’t find an exercise you love, or won’t go to parties and not ‘enjoy yourself’, can’t do this the rest of your life because you will feel soooo deprived….?




Certainly anyone reading here enough knows that there is enough good science about how addictive sugar and junk foods, and yes, even wheat, is.  Whether you choose to accept it or not or blindly, head-in-the-sand reject it…your choice.  But despite all the addictive powers, and true addictions to it…the cycle can STILL be broken.  Millions have done it.  They aren’t ANY ‘better’ than you, except they chose to exercise DISCIPLINE and enough gumption to grow up and change their own path.

Anyone can do it.  They just have to be willing to give up the victim mentality.  To start to use the power that resides within ALL of us.  It might take professional therapy to work through some issues, but they do it.  I’VE done it.  I’ve seen counselors.  They were immeasurably helpful.  (well, one was.  I wasn’t ‘into’ the ‘art therapy’ the other utilized.  Just a poor fit.  But I digress.)  Was it hard?  YES.  Was there a lot of tears?  YES.  Did I have to take good, long, hard looks at myself, my relationships, my personality, my actions, my responses to others, and make adjustments?  YES.

I remember my counselor saying to me, ‘Gwen, how long are you going to continue to beat your head against the wall that is your relationship with your parents?’


How long are you going to continue to beat your head against the wall of WHATEVER is holding you back?  Keeping you mired in the muck?

When are you going to start to stand up for yourself, and start PROTECTING yourself by becoming powerful?

It can start at any given second.

It’s NEVER too late.

The second you stop playing a victim…and start operating from a position of power….power of being in charge of your OWN destiny….wonderful, amazing, beautiful things will start to happen!

When you start to say BULL SHIT to yourself, your bad habits, and start to exert power over them….you will start to build new, better, healthy good habits.

You have that power within you.

You just have to have the guts to tap INTO that power, and let it start to grow.

It will.





Steve Maraboli Quote Victim Mentality




quote 4







image158YOU CAN DO THIS.

my favorite Red Carpet gowns

Not a fan of white….there were some gorgeous white gowns, but they always pale in comparison (LOL) to the gowns of color.  Except Kerry Washington.  Maybe because of her lovely cocoa skin?  I don’t know.  These are the gowns I loved the best, in no particular order.  :)









x700Well, that’s it!

I’m up .6.  I owned the Oscars evil, and there you have it.  Not bad.  It will be gone in a day or two.

Have a great week!

I have a pretty good topic for tomorrow.  You’ll have to ‘come back’ to see what it is.  No spoilers.  :)

a Thumbs Up kind of Sunday


  • Cutest grandson in the entire world?  I think SO.  :)  That’s adorable Master Luke, after getting a hair trim yesterday.  Yep, enjoying a sucker, too.  TOO FREAKING CUTE.  Got to get prints of this picture.  :: heart swelling ::
  • Down .2.  YAY!
  • Was able to dance 45 minutes yesterday.  I am still getting mild twinges on that ankle, but at least I have no ill effects this morning from getting that 45 minutes in.  I didn’t push it to an hour though.
  • The contractor that came yesterday was FABULOUS.  Although we buy our ‘finish’ materials, he loved what WE/I had picked, and we will meet him at his cabinets warehouse vendor, and handle that together.  We have a few small details to work out, but we are going with him.  His price was great, rapport was wonderful, testimonials everywhere are stellar, everything is GREAT except he’s 3-4 weeks out, but at this point, shit, I just want the right company for the job, and we are willing to wait for it.  He is THAT guy.  He delivers on his promises (we had his bid less than 5 hours after he came to our home, he arrived early, he was meticulous in his details, he listened to us, gave great suggestions we hadn’t even thought of, warranties his work for 10 years, not just the state standard of 4….absolutely no red flags.  THANK YOU LORD.)
  • Bought our new dishwasher yesterday.  Will be delivered within 2 weeks.  YAY.
  • will order the bath vanity/top today or tomorrow.  Also about 2 weeks out in delivery, so really, this will all work out.  :)
  • can’t wait for the Oscars Red Carpet later today.  Will make sure to be home before it starts, (going to do our mom run of errands/visit after breakfast) but taping just in case.  I will have 2 glasses of wine.  Oscar Red Carpet is like the Super Bowl to me; it should be a National holiday, except it’s held on a Sunday.  CAN’T wait to see who is wearing what.  I might do a post red carpet catty review for my post tomorrow.  LOL
  • Eating is great.
  • Things are looking up, as you can tell!

Tha -tha-that’s all, folks!

thats all


Saturday update

Well, I’m up .2.  But frankly, I’m happy it’s not more.  For a couple of reasons:

1.  I had some chili on my hamburger patty at lunch yesterday.  I wanted it.  I knew it had flour.  I rarely want it.  So I went with it.

2.  My right ankle crumbled on me last night coming down the stairs.  DAMMIT.  Hurts again.  I tried dancing, but too much pain.  Had to keep it elevated and iced the rest of the night.  so no exercise.

So see, up .2 is actually pretty okay.

Ankle still hurting, but not quite as bad.  I’ll see how it is later in the day.  I have a bunch of errands to run today.

House update:

Still no revised bid back from Service Masters.  So, I went back on Angie’s List, pulled 3 more new-to-us contractors, and have them coming out.  One might be coming out this afternoon.  The other 2 are scheduled Tuesday late afternoon/early evening.  At this point, even if/when we do get Service Masters bid back, I’m waiting on the bids from these 3.  Service Master can wait on US.  So no decision will be made before late this coming week.  As we are in week 5.  But dammit, I want to be sure.  I want someone good and responsive.  So I’m willing to push it out another week to get that GOOD feeling.  (I hope I hope.)  Now is not the time to make desperate decisions.  I want to wait and decide from a position of power.  Putting my big girl ‘delayed gratification’ panties on.  LOL

I think we are going to order our new dishwasher and built in microwave today, and probably the bath vanity too.  I also want to get a few more paint samples for the bath and kitchen.  I’m looking for a very light taupe…the bath one could be a little more saturated in color.  But the kitchen very light.  I’m getting excited.  I know within 2 weeks (hope hope) we’ll be AT IT.  :)

Eating is good, normal…  Tomorrow, being the Oscars, I LOVE the Red Carpet.  It is like a national holiday for me.  Like the Super Bowl.  Who wins doesn’t much matter; we didn’t see many nominees, but it’s ALL about the Red Carpet (gowns) for me.  I will have 1-2 glasses of wine.  Gonna enjoy it.  Not sure what food will be, but we aren’t eating out this weekend, so no worries.

We have an 80% chance of rain tomorrow; exciting!  It’s been 70’s-mid 80’s for several weeks now, which is warm and dry even by our standards.  Some rain, when I’m at home (well, after the mom run midday) will be nice!  My roses and the pink jasmine that just opened, will appreciate it.  :)

Hope all is well for you!

Friday Scale Accountability Club

Scale AccountabilityWell, no change from yesterday.

Overall, I think I’m up .8 from last Friday.  But I know I’ve lost at least 1.5, more likely a little over 2 lbs…from a high after two restaurant meals in a row over last weekend.  I own my evil.

Not much planned this weekend.  Going to lunch today, but will fast through dinner as is normal on Fridays.  I am exercising a full 60 minutes every day now…so that is great!  All is good.  I still would prefer the 120’s, but at 132.6, I ain’t complaining.

About weight.  I AM complaining about contractors.  Still NO CHANGE.  Except we got the 2nd check from State Farm yesterday…a few bucks short of $17K.  We now have almost $27K from State Farm.  We just need a CONTRACTOR.

Mr. Hottie with the A++ rating came in at $26K WITHOUT the cost of the quartz counter tops, the laminate flooring for the LR & DR, or the porcelain tile for the K and powder room.  WHAT THE FUCK.  He clearly didn’t want the job.  That’s fine.  I didn’t want him, either.

We are still waiting for Service Master.  I’m not pleased with his lack of responsiveness to emails or voicemails.

Soooo, I’m going to call 1-2 OTHER contractors this morning.  Great ratings.  (not that THAT means much to me anymore.  :(  )  See if, ideally, we can get someone out tomorrow, if not, by Tuesday.  This is ridiculous.  I just want to ‘break ground’ and get this going.  We are in week FIVE.

Other than that, not much.  Watching the NFL stadium/team in L.A. very closely.  It’s becoming ridiculous, with the SD Chargers and Raiders, two teams that HATE each other, partnering to build a stadium in LA.  I want my Rams back.  :(

Will see mom tomorrow, and do our usual weekend thing with her.

Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

Hope all is well with you.