Are you a fighter, or a caver?

Not cave-person, as in Neanderthal.

I mean, when it gets tough, do you pull on your big boy or girl panties and FIGHT, or do you crumple into a ball, and ‘cave’….?

For years, decades, I was a caver.  I was also a doormat.  I never stood up for myself.  I would TOTALLY avoid conflict.  Of ANY type.  Maybe that came from coming from a home with an alcoholic father.  I just wanted PEACE.  At ANY price.

I wouldn’t stand up and fight for anything.  I caved.

Including my weight, my appearance, my self-respect, and my health.

Oh sure, I could drop a significant amount of weight.  In my early 40’s, I once dropped 60 lbs. in 4 months.  Yep, four months.

I eventually gained it back.

In 2009, I dropped 60 lbs.

in 2012, I gained back 50.

I really cannot put my finger on why I changed from a caver to a fighter, but I did.  I KNOW that having some testosterone (or more) in my veins due to being post menopausal…probably helped.

Or maybe, I just got fed up with myself.  My gutlessness.  It was, quite literally, killing me.  Blood pressure COMPLETELY out of control, and ankle swelling from taking so much blood pressure medication.  Damned if I did, damned if I didn’t.

My whole family, both sides…dies from heart disease.  (Knock on wood) Not cancer.  Or, on my father’s side, heart disease with a sprinkling of diabetic complications, including also some Alzheimer’s.

Take my dad.  No, first take my dad’s only sister; always morbidly obese.  She got diabetes.  She died of diabetes…I don’t remember her exact age, but I’m sure it was somewhere between mid 40’s and mid 50’s.  So tragic.  So premature.

Then, my dad, the ‘beer alcoholic.’  After a DUI took his license away from him for a year when I turned 18, he stopped drinking.  But a few years later, he got diabetes.  He lost most of his excess weight, but the damage was done, and he had quadruple heart bypass surgery in his  mid-late 60’s, got dementia around the age of 76 or so, and developed congestive heart failure and was gone at 77.  Totally unnecessary.  So tragic….to lose this ‘life of the party’ man:


I realized that at 60 plus, I was MUCH closer, in time and actual lack of health, to that heritage than I wanted to be.

With raging blood pressure and unbearable symptoms from too much blood pressure medication, I had to make a choice.  The LAST thing I wanted to do was end up like my maternal grandfather.  The kindest, most gentle soul that I ever knew:  (me with him, circa early 1960’s.)me and grandpaGrandma and grandpa Piper

Above, with my grandma.  Note what’s in his right hand.  I NEVER knew him as a smoker.  He quit before I was cognizant of smoking.  I don’t know how old he was when he quit.

But he was the gentlest soul I ever knew.  A true heart of gold if ever there was one.  The man who never raged or cursed.  I NEVER heard a single swear word out of his mouth.  Nothing but love, sweetness, and kindness, with a sprinkling of old-charm humor.

Then, in his 70’s, he had a stroke.  A MAJOR stroke.  The kind, gentle man who never spoke a swear world in his life, couldn’t speak at all.  Except…I kid not, for swear words.  The only words he EVER spoke, ever again, after his stroke, for the several years until he died, were swear words.  And the tears would just silently stream down his face.  In embarrassment.  In horror.  The kind, gentle soul was still there.  But it was knowingly, painstakingly TRAPPED inside his body and couldn’t get out.  Couldn’t control his words.  And it MORTIFIED him.

It was the most horrifying thing in the world to witness.

I cannot begin to tell you how devastating to watch the most wonderful person in your universe suffer so knowingly, tragically, like that.  For YEARS.

It’s why my mom has had an ‘advanced directive’ for herself for years, and is scared to death of being ‘paddled back to life’.  Fear she could ‘return’ like him.  She would rather die, straight away, than go through what he went through.

I realized if I didn’t get my shit together, I could end up just like my dad, with dementia, or worse yet, like my grandpa, my brain and heart and soul trapped in a useless body that I couldn’t escape.



I will NEVER stop.

I may yet get a heart attack.  Or a stroke.  But it sure as shit will be as late in life as I can control.  And we can control a LOT if we stop caving, and start FIGHTING for our LIVES.

So which are you?  Fighter, or caver?

Which do you WANT to be?

What’s stopping you?

Educating my physician

Well, my physical went well.

Typical beginning, of course; my initial blood pressure was 142/90.  For me at HER office, that is actually low.  I have White Coat Syndrome.  Well, I do with HER.  (and at hospitals.  Not so much at other doctors or urgent care.  Go figure.)

Weight, fine.

Doc comes in, and looks at the pc (doesn’t use physical charts anymore), and said, “I see you still have White Coat Syndrome.”  Yeah, I do.  Small talk, she begins the exam.  After she checked my ears, nose, throat, lungs/heart, she doesn’t SAY she’s going to re-check my bp, but I sense her pulling the cuff off the wall, and I laugh and said “so it’s time for me to start thinking about warm puppies?”  She laughed and said, ‘well, puppies wouldn’t work for me, but if they work for YOU, go for it.”   We both chuckle some more.  I close my eyes and try to relax.

Then she says “a modern day miracle!  124/84!”  That’s the LOWEST my bp has EVER been in her office.  Still higher than my normal, but I’ll take it!  She high-fived me.  Life is good.

Everything else went fine.

I had printed out the entire book ‘Cholesterol Myths.’  (you can do that for free now.  I think it’s a limited time offer.)  I had put it in a hard plastic presentation folder.  I also printed out from somewhere, an article about how cholesterol can rise when you start on a paleo or primal diet, how it’s transitory, and WHY it happens.  I pushed the folder in her direction.  She said, ‘for me?  what is it?”  I told her what it was.  She said “cool!  Do you want me to return it, or is it mine to keep?”  I told her it was hers to keep.  She DID take it with her.

I got my flu shot.

I went downstairs and gave 4 vials of blood.

End of visit.

Now do I think for sure she will read it?  I honestly don’t know.  At least I feel better knowing I gave her a GREAT book on the current scientific knowledge on cholesterol, NOT provided by a Major Pharmaceutical company.  So it means that IF she reads it, her eyes will be open and she’ll learn the truth about cholesterol.  I can only hope.

So, she doesn’t need to see me for another 6 months.  Since I didn’t ask for a lower dose bp meds, not telling her how little of the actual prescription I take, my 6 month prescription will last over a year, so I really don’t see her until time for the next annual physical.  Not sure if she’ll ever put two and two together on THAT.  LOL  (I’ll deal with it in a year if I have to…)

bad Gwen.  bad, bad Gwen.


But, I’m doing what I can to educate my physician, to counter-balance what Big Pharma tries to teach her.  Because doctors need to WISE UP.  There is more research almost every single day about how HIGH FAT (if it’s the healthy kind, not the chemicalized kind) is GOOD for our hearts.  How cholesterol (high levels) does NOT kill prematurely.  We need to spread the word, and learn everything we can FOR OURSELVES because we are up against Big Pharma EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

And that is your conspiracy theory for the day.  :)


Giving up Google


It’s a scary world out there, when you try to divest yourself from the long-armed/tentacled world of All Things Google.™

First, you ask yourself why?  I came across a GREAT article that spurred me on:

I would’ve already quit Facebook (have, twice) (once during the Presidential campaign end run.  I was de-friending too many because they thought they could change minds on Facebook.  LOL)  BUT, since the bulk of ‘keeping up’ with people, especially grandkid day-to-day photos is solely through Facebook, I’m stuck for now.  It’s a necessary, mildly evil thang.

But, I agree with Robert about Google.  (It helps that I’ve never had a google/Droid phone and have no intention of ever changing that.)  Google Chrome, Google Blogger, Gmail, etc…they are everywhere and they DO track everything.  So, I’ve:

1.  got a new email address.  I chose ‘’ (when you add Adblock, no ads!)

2.  started notifying everyone and their cousin of the email change.

3.  started notifying all businesses that I deal with / have subscriptions / accounts with of my new email address.  THAT is taking some time.

4.  Deleted Chrome.  NOT easy.  Even with a re-boot, it kept saying ‘close all Chrome windows/programs.’  When NOTHING else was open.  Proof POSITIVE how it’s working behind the scenes, TRACKING.  Literally!  I did a search online, and found that if one does control-alt-delete, and then clicks the ‘processes’ tab, you can find several Google Chrome apps running (behind the scenes, TRACKING)…delete them all and then I was able to delete Chrome.  Frightening!

5.  Installed Firefox.  Good, ole Firefox.  :)

6.  Moved my blogroll (which was in essence its own Blogger blog) to a blogroll widget here.  Unfortunately, I have not found one that successfully sorts your blogs by recency.  Meaning I and anyone who wants to check out those blogs have to click each one to see if anything new has been posted.  A small nuisance to, as my hubby has said repeatedly about Mark Zuckerman, “STICK IT TO THE MAN.”  (LOL)  I’m still searching for a better fix, but for now, it is what it is.

7.  I’ve deleted all my old blogs except for the blogroll one.  I would delete THAT, but some of the blogger blogs I follow and like to comment on do not allow comments option ‘name/url’.  Most do.  But without that option available, I can’t comment.  If you have a Blogger blog, might you look into that?  I’d really appreciate it.

8.  I transferred my blogger reading list (after checking out each blog…some had ‘died’)(and there was over 100!)  to my new blog roll, then deleted my ‘membership’ on all of them.  NOTHING personal.  Just part of the divesting myself Google-wise, thereof.

9.  Set up vacation notice on my gmail accounts, after first deleting the oldest one.  I will probably keep that email address alive the rest of the year, to make sure I’ve captured all businesses.  Don’t want to miss anything crucial but that only happens once or twice a year.

As you can see, it’s a long process.  But, it makes me feel better.  I’m old enough that there is certainly a sense of BIG BROTHER wary’ness in me, and I ain’t talking the TV show.  (LOL)  p.s.  Outlook email is WONDERFUL.  Clean, fast.  I like it a lot better than gmail.  :)

So, that’s where I stand.  I’m feeling better, and my physical is at 10:30.  I am armed with a print out of Cholesterol Myths.  Yeah, all 300 plus pages.  It will be a gift to my doctor.  I also printed out data on how cholesterol temporarily rises when one is losing a significant amount of weight, and why.

I have white coat syndrome, so I’m having to deal with that, but by 11-11:30 it will all be over.  LOL  Hubby taking me out to dinner tonight to celebrate.  Don’t worry!  I’ll eat fine/safe/primal.

Have a GREAT day!  Don’t be afraid to STICK IT TO THE MAN!  :)


I had WAAAAAY too much iced tea yesterday, and didn’t get to sleep until after 3 am!  :: face plant ::

I also starting having kidney stone aches very low (front and center) after about 2 am.  I passed a small stone around 3 am (probably why I was able to sleep afterwards.)  At 5:30 am (regular wake-up time), I was dead to the world, and still having pain in the same area, although much less.  Not sure if it was residual pain from the bruising internally the first stone might have caused, or a second.  I emailed my boss I was going to be late, at best, and climbed back in bed.

Up now, pain mostly gone, but super tired.  I think it best I work from home.  Too groggy to drive.

Haven’t passed a noticeable sized stone in over a year, or had that kind of pain.  It sucks.  I did have a small amount of white wine at the birthday party on Saturday.  No more of that!  Apparently I can have a flute of champagne on Sundays (I didn’t yesterday because of the wine on Saturday; I’m not that stupid)…but nothing more.  Lesson certainly learned.  I’m drinking the organic apple cider vinegar concoction twice a day to help disolve it.  Lesson learned.

Other than that, had a great weekend.  Danced 2 45 minute sessions yesterday, food was 100% primal yesterday, and only had the toppings from a few slices of pizza at the party, and some carrot sticks and broccoli dipped in Ranch Dressing.  Ok, I did have a dollop or two of butter cream (vanilla) frosting from the cake.  NO chocolate though.  I remain chocolate free.

I’m at exactly the same weight I was on Friday morning.  All is well on that regard.  Will be eating extremely light today; IF’ing this evening except for half an ounce of nuts, because I have my annual physical in the morning.

Sorry this post isn’t more, but let me close it with a couple of cute photos of the birthday boy; TWO TODAY!  God I love him@







10703615_10152726224015502_1873409940944811291_nLove ya!  Have a great week!


Replacing Chaos with Structure

This post is a reprise of a previous post of mine.  But I thought it was a really timely piece, as we head into the holiday season.  Hope it benefits you, like the information has most certainly helped me!

I’m taking a little time today to review one of Dr. David Kessler (former head of the FDA)’s tenets from his book The End of Overeating.  (As I’ve said before…for me,

One of the most important facets in getting your eating under control, is replacing chaos with structure.

Replacing Chaos with Structure:  it allows you to set up a parallel food universe while continuing to participate in normal social and work activities.  Let people around you eat willy nilly.  Whatever they want.  Without any concern about health or nutrition.  You (need to learn to) play by different, grown up rules.  (Yes, I said it.  Learn to eat like an adult, instead of still eating like a kid who doesn’t know any better.)  Children are like little puppies and will gorge themselves until they get sick.  Umm, hello.  So do many adults.  It’s like we have no idea what’s healthy and what isn’t, but of course we do.  But we continue to live and eat in total chaos.  No structure (or sense) whatsoever.  Eating whatever we want, for any reason, except for improved health.

PARALLEL FOOD UNIVERSE.  OMG I LOVED this term!  (yeah, I’m a sci fi geek.  Think Fringe. LOL)  THIS IS SO PERFECT.  The rest of the world lives in a world of  sugar-laden (this includes grains), sodium-laden, unhealthy-fat-laden foods pushed at us by the corporate American food industry.  If we want to be able to break free from the addictions they cause within us, we are going to have to live in a Parallel Food Universe.  Meaning, picking foods we love to eat, that do not have those items added to them, living as much on whole foods as we can, and being able to do it no matter what people eat around us.  We are responsible for us!  We aren’t responsible for anyone around us.  (well, children may be the exception.  Your call how to handle that, mom’s of young kids.)

Living in a parallel food universe…the whole concept of it, blew my mind!!!  I eat what I need to eat, you eat what you want to eat, and we peacefully coexist at the same functions.  Beautiful! FREEING ourselves from feeling we have to follow a crowd.  We have to mingle like mindless sheep, all doing the same thing.  Think a school of fish, all moving in unison.  Why do we feel we have to follow what everyone else is eating, like mindless sheep?  Why can’t we honor our bodies, and all of the knowledge we now have about really crappy food, and how we have become addicted to it, and BREAK FREE?  What holds you back?

There is no law, in ANY social situation, that says we have to eat what everyone else is eating.  There are always ways to work around it, IF you want to, badly enough.  You can scrape off the sauces, ask for them not at all, or on the side.  You can move the buns and breads aside.  You can ignore like it doesn’t even exist the french fries, mashed potatoes, dessert.

You can if you want improved health badly enough.

You can say ‘no thank you.’  Period.  Explain, not explain:  TOTALLY your choice.  You won’t let people push you around in any other manner; why let them do it with food?

You HAVE to have One main and rigid rule:  if it isn’t part of your structure, you don’t eat it!

Eliminate the mental tug-of-war.  All you have to do…is WANT to eliminate the mental tug-of-war.  In time, as you master the art of portion control and establish new habits, you may be able to end the total ban on foods high in sugar, fat, and salt.  But in the beginning, you have to believe the science you have recently learned, and about all of the DEVIOUS corporation manipulation enough to be angry at them, and want better health for yourself enough to:


When I learned how we were being manipulated, when I realized I really could be healthier (much healthier) with not only no sugar but no grains, when I realized I was being duped into products that were designed to addict me, I got PISSED OFF.  SO angry that all of their processed, sugar laden, manipulated grains…became disgusting to me.  Truly disgusting.  Talk about aversion therapy!  But it’s working beautifully.  None of that crap appeals to me.  All the foods and products I was addicted to, now truly disgust me.

Eating good food, healthy food…is now EASY.  And the more rewarding it becomes, the easier it becomes.  My old eating ways are my history now.  They are not my future.  Maintenance isn’t even in my vocabulary anymore, because it’s not a diet, its a new way of life that has my best health and welfare as its very core.

You can be here too, if you are willing to step outside your (comfortable, society-approved, little) box and take the chance to make it happen for YOU.

Aren’t you worth it?  I sure think you are!


2014 ETA:  sure, I occasionally have BBQ sauce, Ranch dressing, onion rings.  Flour, sugar…they aren’t 100% gone from my diet.  But easily 95% gone.  It’s DOABLE.

You know the best things about living in a Parallel Food Universe for now 22 months?  Parties and get togethers are actually MORE FUN!!!!  Why?  Because I can focus on the interactions, the joy, the FUN of those I am around.  I’m not focusing on the food.  I’m focusing on the PEOPLE and THE MEMORY BUILDING.  Plus, there is no guilt!!  That in itself makes any event happier for me.

You CAN do this!  It’s going to take a little practice, perhaps a ‘two steps forward, one step back’ occasionally, but you can do this!  THOUSANDS have/do!!!

We are gonna kick butt, nutritionally, this holiday season!  :D

The 2014 Holiday Scale Accountability Club


And away we go!

Today is the FIRST day of our Holiday Scale Accountability Club!  Feel free to use this little banner if you’d like, on your blog or anywhere else!  If you need it sized down or up, and can’t do that on your own, please drop me an email and let me know.  :)

So, to remind everyone, here is the framework for our group:

1.  comment every Friday here on my blog…announcing to this little universe here that you ARE (still) a member.  You don’t post, we can safely assume you’ve headed back DOWN the rabbit hole.

2.  commit to weighing yourself twice a week, minimum.  You choose the days.  It can vary.  You don’t even have to announce your weight to the world.  You have to announce the weight ONLY to YOURSELF.  This is about personal accountability.  Nothing else.

eta:  one or two have said they don’t use a scale, but still want to participate.  If you don’t use a scale, PLEASE at least take a measuring tape, and measure your waist and hips, and write them down.  For yourself.  No one here (except me) has to state their weight.  HOWEVER, I truly don’t believe that without some concrete, outside of a look-see at pants…measurement of your body really qualifies you for this ‘club.’  That sounds mean, maybe it IS mean….but the whole point of this ‘club’ was to pull our heads out of the sand, use the scale (or some other definite-number-related tool)…to stay in close touch with our weight as we work our way through the holiday season, and do our best to maintain or NOT gain any weight.  So to use only pants…is what some of us have been doing all along.  And kind of defeats the purpose of this club.  I’m not saying don’t join us in spirit or post, but to be a ‘true’ club member requires the weekly use of a scale or measuring tape.

3.  commit to not gaining any weight between the start date of 10/17/14, and the end date of January 9th, 2015.  I’m giving everyone 1 week after New Years…  1/2/15 seems a little harsh.  LOL  In any case, the goal is to NOT gain weight during the holidays.  Me?  I’m going to lose 6 pounds.  Heck, I lost about 10 years during the 2013 holiday season, so I know I can do it.

So, here we go!

This morning, I weighed 132.6.  My goal is to be back to 126 by 1/9/15.  (if not MUCH sooner!)

My biggest challenges this coming week:

1.  Avoiding my best friend co-worker’s 50th birthday Marie Callender pies today.  Fortunately, they will probably both be cream pies (one banana) because that is her favorite kind, and I do NOT like cream pies.  Only fruit pies.  So it should be easy.

2. Avoiding any tortilla chips.  Breakfast burritos are being brought in for her birthday.  I of course will surgically open mine to only eat the ‘innards’ (I ordered egg, cheese, potatoes, and bacon in mine.  I won’t eat all the potatoes.)  (no rice, no beans, no tortilla.)  This restaurant makes THE best chips.  So good, they bag them and sell them!  But no no no.  I will have a little salsa on top, and definitely their amazing guacamole if she brings in that.  YUM.  No lunch, to make up for the potatoes.  :)

eta:  here’s my surgically opened breakfast burrito:



eta:  what’s LEFT, now that I’m done:



(proof that I didn’t eat the tortilla.  LOL)

3.  my youngest grandson’s 2nd birthday party is tomorrow.  No idea what’s on the menu, but likely pizzas, lots of pizza, and of course birthday cake.  Probably chips and dip, trail mix, maybe a veggie platter. (based on previous experience.)   I will eat toppings off a couple of slices of pizza, veggies, salad (if there is any), and THAT IS IT.  (at the party.)  I’m a woman possessed!  :)

4.  The delayed work birthday lunch on 10/22 for this co-worker and another.  No idea where it will be.  Likely could be Maggiano’s…will have a chicken Caesar salad if there.  In any case, no starch wherever I go.

So, I definitely have some challenges this week!  But my focus is LASER, so I’m not too concerned.   I have my annual physical on Tuesday, so of course I’m in uber-vigilant mode to be as light for her damned scale as ever.  Last time she saw me was March; I was probably 126 or so at home, so not even 130 at her office fully clothed.  Obviously I’m going to be higher, BUT, still, I’m sure she will be happy, because she’s been my doctor during the past 15 or so years of previous yo-yo dieting.   I’m sure she’s figured I’ve gained 30 lbs. by now.  :o  ANYHOW, gotta be uber vigilant through that appointment, then carry it on!  :)


Each Friday, I’m going to offer my own personal dieting/weight-loss tip.  You can take it or leave it.  I don’t consider myself an expert on ANYTHING, but I have become quite knowledgeable on the latest research on nutrition (as it related to weight loss) in the past 20 months or so, and so…take any advice or ‘tips’ within that framework only.  :)

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Start consciously working on creating a mental AVERSION to sugar and grained products, and junk food in general.  So that ‘it will taste so good’ isn’t the knee-jerk reaction; but instead so that ‘I don’t eat this because it is bad for me and will make me gain weight’ is the NEW knee-jerk reaction!   We have to learn to turn these foods into the enemy, instead of the reward for stress, boredom, or depression. Unless a person makes the COGNITIVE shift where it’s more reinforcing to have a life WITHOUT a substance than it is to have a life WITH it, long term recovery/change is not possible.

Like any addict, we that are particularly susceptible to the sugar cravings (in ANY format), have to switch our feelings to them from pleasure to aversion. We have to remember the chemicals and the brain chemistry reactions. We have to remember the feeling stuffed or the stomach cramps. We have to remember being disappointed in ourselves when we succumb to them…as compared to being proud of ourselves when we We have to remember how good it feels to be in control instead of out of control.

If we think of food with added sugar as a friend, we will pursue it. If we think if it as an enemy, we will re-train ourselves to turn away from it with distaste.


Yes, that is ‘stolen’ directly from my own Mantra (that I created, so not really a ‘steal.’  LOL)  Anyhow, the mental game is where it’s really all at, isn’t it?  And we really DO have to re-train our brains in how to knee-jerk react to junk food.  Step One.  :)

So, tell me how you are doing!  What are your challenges between now and next Friday?  What things are you going to focus on to improve your nutrition, your level of exercise?  (I’m up to dancing 40 minutes a day now.  Maybe one day off a week, maybe not.)

Have a GREAT weekend!  Thanks for participating!

The scale & accountability


Yeah, I know, we all KNOW it.  Heaven knows I’ve talked about it a zillion times here.  That said, as we start to approach ‘the holiday season’, NOTHING could be more timely than talking about the scale…and weight accountability.

Hey, we have all been there.  And by ‘we’, I mean every single person that writes a ‘getting healthy/losing weight’ blog or VISITS one.

Perhaps a dozen times, perhaps a thousand times.

The buried-the-head-in-the-sand deep-seated desire to AVOID the (freakin’) scale.


We have a million and one excuses why we avoid it.  I’ll give you my most current ones:

  • dieting fatigue (for lack of a better term.)  After a while, you just start to get a little worn out from the process.  Especially if you are eating in a manner that is outside the ‘norm.’  Don’t get me wrong; when I am eating 95% grain and sugar free, most days it’s a breeze, because the bio-chemical changes that cause cravings are gone girl, GONE.  Still, after a year and a half of doing it, of saying ‘no’ to almost everything everyone else around me eats…it can get a little fatiguing.  Sure I stayed within 10 lbs. of my lowest weight…but 18 months of daily weighing can get…fatiguing.  I get that.
  • You have eaten something that is less than optimal.  You want to ignore that fact.  You are sure you can ‘drop’ the excess weight right away, so you protect your little heart (little fatty heart…it’s real…it happens to obese people’s hearts! (but I digress))…so you don’t step on the scale.  You know you are ‘up.’  You just don’t want the hard, cold facts on how UP you really are.  Convinced you will lose it within a week, you stay off the scale.
  • But, since you ate less than optimal food, you’ve set off the bio-chemical brain changes and created the craving downward spiral again, so you are a little more susceptible to eating (just a little) more of those less than optimal (health-wise) foods….and do….and wash, rinse, repeat.
  • As part of the downward spiral started from the above, you convince yourself that everything is okay because your clothes still fit.  (They probably do.  At 5 ft. 2 inches, I’ve found most women’s dress sizes equate to about 10-12 lbs. from one size to the next…numbered sizes. Probably more for the larger/plus size clothes!)  So maybe your clothes DO fit, but that doesn’t mean you’ve only gained 2-3 lbs.  It means that your weight is less than 12 lbs. heavier.    So you have to ask yourself, why is a 10-12 lb. jump okay?  Shouldn’t it be no more than 2-3 lbs?  Because more than that and it’s gonna take some real time and effort to get back on target.
  • As part of all of the growing ‘aboves’, you convince yourself it’s not the NUMBER that matters, it’s your HEALTH.  Well I have news for you:  there isn’t a disease or injury in the world that couldn’t benefit from being at a normal weight.  Or even dropping 5-10 lbs.  Look them all up.  It’s TRUE.  From acne to eczema to GERD to diabetes to cancer to heart disease to joint pains…they ALL benefit from WEIGHING LESS (and eating less grains and sugar for sure) (any kind of ‘sugar.)  You truly are burying your head in the sand if you think health isn’t related to WEIGHT.

So here we stand, up in weight all because we are burying our heads in the sand and refusing to step on that freakin’ scale.

It’s called accountability.  For all we bitch and moan about the scale, it DOES hold us accountable.  We can skip a day or two, but I FIRMLY believe that if we don’t weigh ourselves at least twice a week, we are headed back down the rabbit hole that I have bulleted (the ‘symptoms’) above.


Hey, I’m guilty of it.  I took 18 days of vacation in July, and started back down that rabbit hole.  I slapped myself upside dah head a few weeks ago, and have now lost about 3 lbs.  I still want to lose at least another 6 more.  I’m at 132.8.  I am back to weighing every single day.  I won’t bore you with publishing the number every single day, but I am holding MYSELF accountable every single day.

Because that’s what mature adults do (to themselves.)  They hold themselves accountable.  Do we let our kids eat whatever they want, not take baths, stay up as late as they want to, not brush their teeth, not do their homework?  NO.  Because we are wanting them to become the best person they can be, present themselves to the world in the best manner that they can, teach them good habits, and help them become successful, highly functional adults with a GREAT future.  So why do we hold OURSELVES any LESS accountable?


So, I’m back 1000%.  And feeling great.  AND, encouraging every single of one of you who aren’t holding yourselves PERSONALLY accountable for your own health, to start (back) doing so IMMEDIATELY.

So here’s how I’m going to encourage that;

starting tomorrow, I’m starting the/a  HOLIDAY SCALE ACCOUNTABILITY CLUB.

Every Friday, I will be posting my weight.  To ‘join’, you need to:

1.  comment here and every Friday on my blog…announcing to this little universe here that you ARE a member.  You don’t post, we can safely assume you’ve headed back DOWN the rabbit hole.

2.  commit to weighing yourself twice a week, minimum.  You choose the days.  It can vary.  You don’t even have to announce your weight to the world.  You have to announce the weight ONLY to YOURSELF.  This is about personal accountability.  Nothing else.

3.  commit to not gaining any weight between the start date of 10/17/14, and the end date of January 9th, 2015.  I’m giving everyone 1 week after New Years…  1/2/15 seems a little harsh.  LOL  In any case, the goal is to NOT gain weight during the holidays.  Me?  I’m going to lose 6 pounds.  Heck, I lost about 10 years during the 2013 holiday season, so I know I can do it.

Strength in numbers.  Every Friday I will discuss the past week; the numbers, accountability successes, challenges…and look ahead.  Maybe there will be questions like my last couple of Friday Five posts…but for sure every single Friday will be dedicated to SCALE/ACCOUNTABILITY.

Are you in?

Nectar of the Gods


No, I’m not talking wine.  LOL  I’m talking FRUIT.

The art above depicts Idunn, (Iðunn) a Norse goddess who’s apples caused immortality.  In essence, ‘the fountain of youth.’

Fruit is a wonderful thing…when done in moderation.  Too much fruit is too much fructose, and even though it is ‘natural’ (in the truest sense of the word)….too much fructose just isn’t good for our bodies.

But a serving of fruit a day is WONDERFUL, unless your doctor recommends otherwise.

I have learned to get my one serving of fruit in during the afternoons, during that 2:00-3:30 pm time frame when my body occasionally ‘calls’ for sugar.  It ‘calls’ for sugar more Mondays through Fridays, while my stress level is a tiny bit higher from being at work.  I have become accustomed to having one serving of fruit during that time frame, IF the ‘call for something sweet’ hits me.  (it doesn’t every day.)

Currently, this week, it’s organic ruby red grapefruit.  Recently it’s been bananas, peaches, plums.  Soon it will be navel oranges.  I vary it every week or two.  When it’s grapefruit, it’s one half per day.

It TOTALLY does the trick re the ‘sweet urges.’  TOTALLY.

And of course, each type of fresh fruit brings its own special nutrients to my body.  That of course varies from fruit type to fruit type.  The important thing for me is that although I take pretty high quality vitamin supplements, it’s ALWAYS better to get those nutrients straight from the source.  Fruit helps, for sure!

What are your favorite fruits?

How do you incorporate them into your diet?

How do YOU manage the ‘call for something sweet’…?


Well, I called the Functional Medicine group to set up my first appt., / physical.  As the receptionist was talking to me, to determine which of the two doctors would work/be best for me, I mentioned my blood pressure medicine.  (down to 1/3 of a pill per dose.)  I asked her, ‘they can write prescriptions, right?’  Her response?  “Well, they will always try herbal remedies first.  If that doesn’t work, they can do with a prescription drug.’

Um, noe.  You aren’t going to test me on herbs for high or elevated blood pressure.  NO.  HELL TO THE NO.

So, I made an appt. for my physical with my regular doctor.  I see her next Tuesday.  joy joy.  Oh well….  in the meantime, I’m gathering my reports and data on statins and cholesterol.  I plan to go fully armed.

It is what it is.

I don’t think the toe is broken, but it’s got one hell of a bruise on top of it.  I tried dancing last night, but I realized the ‘tap’ spot on my left foot was where it was hurting from favoring the toes (on the bottom of my foot), and after 5 minutes I had to stop because it was aggravating it.  I have a manicure after work today, but once I get home, I will try walking around the neighborhood.  Hopefully that won’t be painful.  If it is, I will continue to respect the injury and wait.

Eating is totally spot on.  Feels so good to be so in control again, after a few months of being more like 80%.  ;)

That’s all I got.

How are YOU doing?  Please let me know!

Sunday highs and a low

Well, I kicked A on Sunday!  (and then there was another ‘kick’…)

I did two thirty-minute dance sessions.  I gardened for half an hour.  I vacuumed the entire downstairs.  All before 1 pm.  Feeling pretty darned accomplished I was!

Then, shortly before dinner, coming in from the garage, I somehow misjudged the door jam (WTH?), and jammed the top of my left foot into it,  I doubled over in pain about my upper middle left toe.  It was hard to walk on it the rest of the night.  By bedtime, I had a massive, deep, ugly bruise on the top of the toe.  Still hurts like hell this morning.  It was painful and even burning/throbbing last night.  I either broke it, or deeply bruised it.  It’s not swollen, and no bone appeared jaggled or bumpy under the skin, and they don’t cast toes anyhow, so I won’t be going to the doctor.

But CRAP!  After a great day of exercise (which I’ve been working on increasing my times all this past week)…sure didn’t need this!

I had taken today off anyhow; too many vacation days and I wanted to use 3-4 randomly between now and the end of the year, but I do have some errands to run today.  Have to go to Toys ‘R Us for my youngest grandson’s 2nd birthday party which is Saturday, need to get some items for my Dracula cake for my daughter’s Halloween party a week from Saturday, want to get some make-up for my Halloween costume…just a few items.  Don’t need to hop on a freeway for any of them.  But of course I have to try and stay off this foot as much as possible (and elevate, ice off and on too.)

Not sure if I can dance today.  I know I SHOULDN’T, but I hate to not keep up with the great exercise schedule, especially on a non-work day, you know?  Don’t worry, I’ll use good judgment this afternoon when I decide.  If the errands / walking around from that make it worse, I’ll not dance today.  Begrudgingly.

That’s about it!

I finally won my Fantasy Football match-up (neither of us had players in tonight’s MNF game.)  Thank God!  I’m only 1 victory away from a playoff spot, so I’m not worried.  I will make it happen.  ( :: fingers crossed :: )

Our weather is gorgeous fall weather; my favorite time of the year; still warm 80’s in the day, but cooler evenings.  Love it!  I should be able to get some time on the patio this afternoon; I’ve been eagerly waiting to start The Outlander series.  :)

Oh!  And hubby is taking me to lunch!  He asked me where I wanted to go, and I said Baja Fish Tacos.  They make THE best carne asada steak salad of anywhere!  YUM.  Actually, they call it an “Unwrapped Burrito”, although there is no tortilla in sight.  Can’t wait!  :)  (if I remember to, I’ll take a photo of it.)

Have a wonderful day, even though it is a Monday!